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Bumps, Burps and Bangs hit this year's National Astronomy Meeting in Portsmouth 1100 GMT 9 May 2014
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The Liverpool Telescope team will once again be leading a session on Time Domain Astronomy at this year's U.K. National Astronomy Meeting. Entitled Bumps, Burps and Bangs - Transient and Time Domain Astronomy in the U.K., the two-block session has attracted the attention of researchers in the field from across the U.K.

In all, 23 abstracts were submitted from which 11 have been selected to give 15 minute talks. These talks will be spread across two sessions on the afternoon of Wednesday, 25th June, starting at 13:30. The presenters are listed below. In addition, poster are expected from 12 groups spanning topics in galactic, extra-galactic and solar system astrophysics.

This year NAM will be held in the historic south-coast town of Portsmouth. The Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) at the University of Portsmouth will host the meeting, which runs from 23-26 June. The meeting is targeted at professional astronomers but also includes a programme of public talks and other events aimed at engaging keen amateurs, members of the public, and the press. Registration is, however, required for all: the registration deadline is 30th May 2014.

Oral Presentations
Phil Lucas Univ. Hertfordshire Eruptive Variable YSOs from VVV and UKIDSS GPS
Darryl Sergison Univ. Exeter Untangling the signals: Simultaneous photometry and spectroscopy of YSOs in Orion
Danny Steeghs Univ. Warwick Galactic transients from accreting white dwarfs
Steven Williams   Liverpool John Moores Univ.   A Significant Proportion of M31 Novae Appear to Contain Red- giant Secondaries  
Matt Darnley Liverpool John Moores Univ. A remarkable recurrent nova in M31
Colin Hill Queens Univ. Belfast Roche tomography of cataclysmic variables - Differential rotation of AE Aqr
Kate Maguire ESO Exploring the diversity of low-redshift Type Ia supernovae using the Palomar Transient Factory  
Sam Connolly Univ. Southampton Long-term wind-driven X-ray spectral variability of Seyfert AGN  
Francisco Virgili   Liverpool John Moores Univ. Gamma-ray bursts with the Liverpool Telescope
Gemma Anderson   Oxford Univ. Rapid radio follow-up of GRBs with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager
Chris Davis Liverpool John Moores Univ. The future of time-domain astronomy with Liverpool Telescope 2  

Poster Presentations
Chris Davis Liverpool John Moores Univ. Time Domain Astronomy with the Liverpool Telescope
Christopher Frohmaier Univ. Southampton Volumetric Type Ia supernova rate in the local Universe from PTF
David Starkey Univ. St Andrews Echo Mapping of AGN accretion Disks
Marie Van de Sande   Univ. Southampton Probing flickering variability in cataclysmic variable stars
Georgios Dimitriadis   Univ. Southampton Late time data of PTF Supernovae Type Ia
Marcus Lohr Open Univ. Serendipitous Time-Domain Astronomy: Exploring eclipsing binaries with SuperWASP
Gregory Brown Univ. Warwick Swift J1112.2-8238: A candidate relativistic tidal disruption flare
Adam Stewart Oxford Univ. Discovery of a Short Duration, Low Frequency Radio Transient Candidate at the North Celestial Pole with LOFAR
Helen Jermak Liverpool John Moores Univ.   The RINGO2 Blazar Catalogue
Aidan Glennie Oxford Univ. Fast X-ray transients in Chandra data archive
Ben Gompertz   Univ. Leicester The role of magnetars in short gamma-ray bursts with extended emission
Matt Darnley Liverpool John Moores Univ. Liverpool Telescope Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of Nova Delphini 2013 (V339 Del)