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LT Session schedule of talks and posters at NAM 2013 1500 GMT 19 April 2013

The Liverpool Telescope will be holding a session at this year's U.K. National Astronomy Meeting which is to be held in St Andrews, Scotland. Two 75 minute sessions are currently scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, 1st July. The goal of these sessions is to discuss Time Domain astronomy, large-scale monitoring projects, and observations of variables and transients.

A large number of abstracts were received and Oral presentations have now been selected. The TENTATIVE schedule for the meeting is as follows:

Session 1
1 Hundertmark, Markus P. G.  University of St Andrews  Robotic discoveries of cool microlenses - highlights from the RoboNet-II microlensing program 
2 Bours, Madelon  University of Warwick  Eclipsing white dwarf binaries and their orbital period variations. 
3 Williams, Steven  Liverpool John Moores University  Identifying Nova Progenitors in M31 
4 Maguire, Kate  University of Oxford  Constraining the explosion physics and progenitors of Type Ia supernovae using Liverpool Telescope light curves 
5 Habergham, Stacey  Liverpool John Moores University PTF supernova follow-up and the story of type IIn 

Session 2
6 Harrison, Richard  Liverpool John Moores University  Liverpool Telescope early time capabilities in probing prompt phase of GRBs 
7 Charles, Phil  University of Southampton  X-ray Transients from SSS to Halo Black-Hole Systems 
8 Lawrence, Andy  University of Edinburgh  Slow blue nuclear transients from PanSTARRS/LT : what are they? 
9 Altmann, Martin  University of Heidelberg GBOT - using the Liverpool Telescope for Gaia optical tracking 
10 Scholz, Aleks  Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies  Time-domain Observations of Young Stars: The era of real-time discovery 

The following Posters will also be presented as part of the LT session:

1 Lyman, Joe  Liverpool John Moores University  Environment-derived constraints on the progenitors of low-luminosity type I supernovae 
2 Shaw, Aarran  University of Southampton  A 420 day X-ray/optical modulation and extended X-ray dips in the short-period transient Swift J1753.5-0127 
3 Darnley, Matt  Liverpool John Moores University  Liverpool Telescope Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of Galactic and Local Group Novae 
4 Hodgkin, Simon University of Cambridge Transient Astronomy with GAIA
5 Davis, Christopher  Liverpool Telescope/LJMU  LT - current status and future development 

Finally, note that Chris Copperwheat will lead a discussion on the Liverpool Telescope 2 project in the session "Future Instruments and Facilities".

The official NAM website is here.