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OPTICON Call For Proposals for Semester 2012A 1200 BST 25th August 2011

The Optical Infrared Co-ordination Network for Astronomy (OPTICON) has issued a call for proposals for semester 2012A (February-July 2012 inclusive). The Liverpool Telescope is allocating 50 hours in total for OPTICON-supported observing in 2012A. The deadline for submissions is 1200 UT on 31st August 2011.

Proposals must be made online using the Northstar system at http://proposal.astro-opticon.org. Registration for an account is necessary but only minimal information is required, and help pages and "read me first" sections exist for first-time users.

More details of the 2012A call for proposals, including user information on the Northstar system, can be found at the OPTICON Call 2012A page. An OPTICON FAQ page about the call is here. For any specific queries about the Liverpool Telescope itself and its instruments, please contact Phase 1 support.