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LT offline 15th March for scheduled maintenance

1500 GMT 10 March 2010

The LT will be taken off-sky for scheduled maintenance on Monday 15th March for approximately one week. In addition to general maintenance of the telescope systems, more specific tasks to be undertaken include:

  • refurbishment of Cassegrain axis motor gearbox number 2 (this is the other gearbox to the one which was repaired last year)
  • servicing of the science fold mirror deployment mechanism
  • work on FRODOSpec foreoptics and arc lamps

It's hoped the LT will be back on-sky by 22nd March at the latest.

Update 22 March: The LT minus FRODOSpec went back on-sky on the night of Saturday 20th March. FRODOSpec will possibly be operational again from Tuesday 23rd March.