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PATT Call for Proposals for Semester 2009B

1600 GMT 02 March 2009

The LT TAC is now accepting proposals for PATT time for observations in Semester 2009B (1st Aug 2009 - 31st Jan 2010). The deadline for submission of Phase 1 proposals is 15th April 2009.

The Phase 1 proposal should include the science case for observation and in particular why they are suitable for a robotic telescope to undertake.

Instruments available for 2009B are RATCam (optical CCD camera), SupIRCam (infrared camera), RINGO (optical polarimeter - expert user instrument), RISE (fast-readout optical camera) and, currently being commissioned in time for 2009B, the new FRODOspec multi-purpose integral-field input spectrograph.

FRODOspec is currently an expert user instrument. Potential users should contact the LT Support Astronomer directly to discuss the capability of the instrument and feasibility of the observing programme well before submitting an observing proposal. Further updates on FRODOSpec will be available online before the deadline.

  • See the Information page for further details of the LT and its operations and instruments.
  • Download full details of the Call for Proposals from PATT here [9KB PDF].