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PATT 2006B allocations & change to rank scheme

1700 BST 20 June 2006

The PATT allocations for semester 2006B have been finalised. Please refer to the PATT time allocations page for details.

Also, a revised scientific ranking scheme for PATT has been adopted as follows:






High priority programme. The TAC would like to see 100% completion of the observations.



Medium priority programme. The TAC would like to see at least the MUF (Minimum Useable Fraction) of observations obtained, provided this does not impact of the completion of priority A programmes.



Low priority programmes. These programmes are used to over-subscribe the observing queue so that the telescope is not idle. There is no guarantee that any observations will be obtained. If observations are started for a programme then the scheduling software should aim to obtain at least the MUF of the observations, but not at the expense of 100% completion of priority A or B programmes.