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Semester 2006A PATT Proposals

1900UT 31 August 2005

The Liverpool Telescope is now accepting PATT proposals for Semester 06A (1-Feb-2006 to 31-Jul-2006); the deadline for submission is 15 September 2005.

Follow these links for details of:

Please note that the infrared array SupIRCam has been robotically commissioned and is now available.

New PATT Proposal Expiry Policy

PATT proposals which have not been given a specific allocation in semester 2005B for this or later semesters will be removed from the observing queue at the end of 2005B. The TAC would welcome a revised submission of any such proposals for observations in future semesters with the LT.

All proposals specifically awarded observing time for semester 2005B are unaffected by the above policy. The current policy is for proposals awarded time in semester 2005B or later to remain in the observing queue until they are completed. The TAC will review this policy at its next meeting, but these proposals will remain in the observing queue at least until the end of semester 2006A.

(See here for the official policy statement).