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LT at June 2017 Cosford Air Show 27 July 2017
LJMU video of the Astrophysics Research Institute's involvement at the 2017 RAF Cosford Airshow. © 2017 LJMU

Last month the National Schools' Observatory and the Liverpool Telescope held an exhibition in the "Space Hangar" at the 2017 Royal Air Force Cosford Air Show. A news article about this event is now on the Liverpool John Moores University news site, which features a great video shot by LJMU's press office, which is also shown above. Click here to go to the article "Tales from the Liverpool Telescope".

LT2 primary mirror mockup
ARI staff with a mockup of the LT2 primary mirror. © 2017 Helen Jermak

The exhibit featured scale models of the LT, plus its proposed 4 metre diameter successor Liverpool Telescope 2 (LT2). The size of the venue also allowed full-size mockups of LT and LT2 primary mirrors to be constructed, to give the public a very real impression of the size of professional telescope optics.

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