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Image and Photo Gallery

This page links to galleries on Flickr and other locations made from photographs of the LT, and images taken by the LT. Please note that all images are copyright © their respective creators and dates mentioned in each image caption. All rights reserved. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, no part of this gallery may be reproduced for any reason other than personal, educational, or noncommercial purposes. The Flickr galleries (apart from that by Göran Nilsson and Wim van Berlo) were originally set up and compiled with the help of Karolina Wresilo.

The Telescope

Images of the LT and surrounding site, taken by LT staff and visitors.
[90+ images]

Reprocessed Images

Archival images taken by the LT and reprocessed by very talented amateur astrophotographers, using public-access imagery freely available from the LT's data archive. Most of the original LT observations were taken by the National Schools' Observatory.

Images by Göran Nilsson and Wim van Berlo, © 2018
[70+ images]

Images by Ruben Barbosa,
© 2018
[20+ images]

Images by Daniel Nobre,
© 2019
[30+ images]


Images of galaxies, including the one we live in, taken by various LT instruments.
[30+ images]

Stars and Nebulae

LT images of stars and nebulae.
[20+ images]

The Moon

Images of our Moon, many being larger composites stitched together from individuual LT images.
[10+ images]