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PATT Call for Proposals for Semester 2012B 1200 GMT 15 March 2012

PDF file with full details(158KB)

The Liverpool Telescope Time Allocation Committee is now accepting proposals for PATT time for observations in Semester 2012B (1st August 2012 to 31st January 2013). See the PDF file for full details. The deadline is 23:59UT on 4th April 2012.


An upgraded version of the new 10x10 arcmin optical imager (IO:O) will available this semester. The upgraded version will have a new E2V detector in order to improve the blue sensitivity and new baffling to block scattered light. Updates on the status of the instrument are regularly posted on the IO:O page. Sloan u' g' r' i' z', Bessel B and V, a rest wavelength Hα plus 4 redshifted Hα filters are available.

Due to the problems experienced with IO:O in the current semester, we will again offer RATCam in Semester 2012B in order both to preserve the continuity of photometric systems for current programmes and to provide a fallback option. Assuming the upgraded version of IO:O performs to specification, this is likely to be the last semester that RATCam will be offered.

The RINGO2 polarimeter is likely to be upgraded to RINGO3 around the start of the semester. This will provide polarimetry with a similar sensitivity and field of view to RINGO2 but in three optical wavebands simultaneously.

More details on the initial application "Phase 1" process are available here .

All questions associated with the Phase 1 process should be directed to phase1@astro.livjm.ac.uk .