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CAT Call For Proposals - Semester 2008B

1800 BST 31 March 2008

(adapted from official notification)

The deadline for the submission of proposals for Spanish CAT night observing time is Friday 4th April at 5pm Canarian local time (1600 UT).

To submit a proposal, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER AT: http://cat.iac.es

BEAR IN MIND: Please check that the proposals contain the latest pdf version you wish to send and they print correctly, before the deadline expires. No replacement or updating of the proposals' scientific content will be made after the deadline, and all those proposals which do not correctly print out will be automatically withdrawn from the process of evaluation, as well as those where all the sections with the information required by the night-time CAT in order to properly evaluate the proposals, have not been duly filled in.

This proposal will be considered only if the telescopes included in a proposal applying for Additional Time fulfil the corresponding requirements. Otherwise, the system will authomatically reject the proposal. For more information in regard to the Additional Time see: http://www.iac.es/cat/adicional.html.

Yours sincerely,

Tanja Karthaus
Secretariat Spanish CAT Panel