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LT offline for scheduled maintenance

1600 BST 01 September 2007

The LT is now offline for scheduled maintenance. Many jobs will be undertaken, but the main ones on the list are:

  • realuminise primary — this involves taking the back end off the telescope to remove the primary mirror, and then shipping it to the WHT's on-site aluminising plant.
  • install FRODOspec — the main parts of FRODOspec will be installed, but problems with the optic fibres connecting the instrument to the telescope mean it will not be commissioned until later in the year.
  • fit improved baffling — scattered light from the moon should be reduced further with the new baffles.

Update: 1200 BST 08 September 2007

  • The primary has been realuminised and put back into the telescope.
  • Most of the instruments have been refitted.
  • The new baffle is now in place.
  • Recommissioning is about to start and is hoped to be finished by Wednesday 12th September.