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Downtime schedule brought forward

1200 GMT 12 September 2005

The planned downtime for relauminisation of the primary mirror and other work has been brought forward to begin on September 17th. As a result, the last possible date for observing will be the night commencing Friday September 16th.

PATT 2006A proposal deadline approaching

1200 GMT 12 September 2005

The Liverpool Telescope is accepting PATT proposals for Semester 06A (1 Feb 2006 to 31 Jul 2006); the deadline for submission is Thursday 15 September 2005.

Follow these links for details of:

Please note that the infrared array SupIRCam has been robotically commissioned and is now available.

Fire out

1200 GMT 12 September 2005

Unconfirmed reports indicate the fire above Barlovento is finally out. All being well we should be able to let the telescope observe tonight, providing the air is sufficiently smoke-free and the weather is fine. More details when we have them.