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Introducing the LT Support Astronomer

We are delighted to announce that Chris Moss has been appointed LT Support Astronomer. Chris welcomes requests for information and comments on LT operations, and can offer assistance with planning and undertaking observations.

Routine observation assistance

For routine operational assistance with on-going observations, please submit a query to the LT HelpDesk. This is the most rapid and efficient way to deal with any request or query since it draws on the resources of the entire LT operational support team.

Phase 2 form submission

The old "ltops" email address is no longer available. To ensure your Phase 2 forms are processed as soon as possible, they should be emailed to:

Alternatively, the Phase 2 forms can be faxed to +44(0)151 231 2910 and marked for the attention of the LT Support Astronomer.

General enquiries

For more general comments, queries and discussion, the LT Support Astronomer may be contacted directly at:

Update 2nd April 2011: Contact details and Phase 2 submission methods are now different. Please refer to the Contact and Phase 2 pages for up-to-date information.

Changes to Phase 2 submission rules

With immediate effect, two changes have been made to the the rules governing submission of Observation Groups.

  1. The previous restriction on the monitoring interval to one night or longer has been removed; henceforth Observation Groups may be submitted with a monitoring interval of less than one night,
  2. The maximum length of an individual Observation Group will be limited to one hour. These changes are designed to give greater monitoring flexibility, while at the same time allowing the scheduling of high priority observations such as GRBs between Observation Groups.  Runs of multiple observations greater than one hour can be submitted by formatting them as multiple Observation Groups, though it would not then be guaranteed that those groups would get scheduled consecutively.

Please send any comments to the LT Support Astronomer at: