Liverpool Telescope

Details for Individual Fields

Target Parameters

Equatorial Coordinates:
RA may be entered as `hh mm', `' or `dd.dd'
dec may be entered as `dd mm', `' or `dd.dd'
The search will return any images for which that position is in the field of view. The position matching is fairly simple and you will sometimes find your target position actually falls just off the image.
SkyCamA covers the entire visble sky, so this is not a very strong constraint on a search.

Observational Parameters

Date of observation:
Time of observation specified as the civil date or modified Julian day.

Standard selection list criterion.

Night time only:
If this tickbox is selected, only images taken when the sky is reasonably dark will be displayed in the search results. The defining criterion is nautical twilight, i.e., when the sun is greater than 12deg below the horizon.

Output formatting

Maximum records to return:
Some search criteria will return many thousands of matching observations. In order to protect you from your web browser trying to load them all, this parameter can be set. The search results page will inform you if the reply table has been truncated. You may set this parameter arbitrarily large if you really want to return all matching observations.

Display thumbnail images:
Select this check box to include a small thumbnail of the data in the search results. Obviously this can significantly slow down the loading of your search results into the browser.


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