Liverpool Telescope 2


Development Plan


First light for the Liverpool Telescope was in 2003. The telescope is now in the mature phase of its life cycle, with a strong record of high-impact papers in leading scientific journals and a stable instrument suite. It is expected that the telescope will remain scientifically competitive until at least 2020. However, the next generation of time domain survey facilities, such as the 8-metre LSST (science first light in 2021), will push the transient discovery space to fainter magnitudes. Now is therefore the right time to begin planning for the Liverpool Telescope successor facility.

In 2012 LJMU committed £200,000 to a two-year feasibility study for LT2. The development of the science case began in September 2012, along with internal discussion of design concepts, potential partners and funding avenues. The LT2 science case and white paper was published in 2015, and in 2016 a formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed between LJMU and the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, the two initial project partners; to begin the second phase of the project: the detailed design which will lead to the start of construction in approximately 2018. We anticipate first light for Liverpool Telescope 2 around 2021-22, to coincide with the commencement of science operations for the next generation of facilities such as LSST and SKA.

Our History

Commencement of the Liverpool Telescope project as a joint venture of Liverpool John Moores University and the Royal Greenwich Observatory
First light for the 2.0 metre Liverpool Telescope, situated at the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos on the Canary island of La Palma
Jan 2004
Beginning of Liverpool Telescope science operations.
Apr 2004
Installation of the Robotic Control System. Later in 2004 full robotic observations begin.
First data obtained for the National Schools Observatory.
Sep 2005
Publication of first Liverpool Telescope science paper
Jun 2007
First use of LT data in a Nature paper
Nov 2009
100 Liverpool Telescope science or technical papers published
Sep 2012
Liverpool Telescope 2 project begins development
Mar 2015
Publication of LT2 science case
April 2016
Formal MoU signed between LJMU and IAC to begin design phase.