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Building LT2 - Industrial Partnerships


Partnerships with industry have been vital during the development of the Liverpool Telescope. The telescope itself was designed and built by Telescope Technologies Limited in Birkenhead (now part of the Las Cumbres Observatory). Other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Merseyside area have been contracted to supply components and expertise for both the telescope itself and instrument payload. We have maintained these relationships as the instrument suite has evolved to maintain the Liverpool Telescope as the leading facility for time domain astrophysics.

As we begin development of LT2 we aim to strengthen our links with the private sector, contributing to the development of the knowledge economy and high-tech, innovation-led SMEs on Merseyside and further afield in the European Union. The project will also be of benefit to the private sector in the Canary Islands. As well as contributing to the local high-tech community, the civil engineering requirements of a project of this size will be considerable.

We would welcome any comments on LT2 from members the private sector. Please contact us here.


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