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The Liverpool Telescope is the basis for a thriving outreach programme, with over 2000 UK schools having obtained their own data via the National Schools Observatory. In 2005 the Astrophysics Research Institute was a recipient of the Queen's Anniversary Prize for its outstanding achievements in Higher and Further Education, including the development of the world's largest fully robotic telescope, and its innovative educational programmes in UK schools and colleges.

Outreach and education are vital complements to the scientific programme of the Liverpool Telescope, and we intend to build on this legacy with LT2. We believe that it is important for schools to have access to the same facility that is used by researchers. Currently, ten per cent of LT time is devoted to the schools programme, and a similar percentage of LT2 time will be used in the same way. In addition, with much of the science focus moved to the new 4-metre telescope, a much larger fraction of LT time will be available for schools use in the LT2 era. We anticipate the fraction of Liverpool Telescope time available for schools could increase from 5 per cent to as much as 50 per cent. This increase in telescope time will allow the NSO to reach more schools in the UK and around the world. Additionally, more telescope time will enable a wider range of observations to be taken, which will provide more scope for Liverpool Telescope data to be used in assessed exercises at GCSE and A-level.


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